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Innovation - Initiatives




At Service Master Solutions we take sustainability seriously. We are working on making sustainability a key priority and embedding this into our company culture. In 2018 our teams recycled 70.5% of chemical plastic containers.

We keep track of our progress by producing sustainability reports on our recycling streams. We strive to do our part  in reducing carbon footprint

ec-H2O NanoClean™ Technology

The ec-H2O Scrubber is now being used by employees at Service Master Solutions. The ec-H2O scrubber: 

  • Saves detergent

  • Implements chemical free cleaning

  • Uses fast foam scrubbing technology

  • Improves floor traction

iMop Scrubber

The iMop Scrubber moves like a mop and has the cleaning abilities of a scrubber. It is practical due to:

  • Freedom of movement 

  • Ease of use

  • Increase of productivity 

  • Minimising risk of injury

  • Carry bag to ease transportation 

The iMop is designed with the cleaning operator in mind so that the task can be completed efficiently and comfortably.

Using battery powered blowers

Our new initiative of using electric powered blowers is one of the ways we innovate to keep our employees and the environment as the priority. These electric blowers reduce environmental impact through:  

  • Producing no fumes

  • No noise pollution 

  • Being environmentally friendly

They also assist our staff in being more effective:

  • Reduces risk 

  • Highly efficient

  • Easy to operate 

We aim to continuously innovate and implement new technology methods  to improve our service. Whilst we are also quick to adapt to new market trends. Our Management team regularly attend trade shows and conferences to stay on top of industry innovations. 

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